• This DEMO Site is here for you. You can use it as a playground to try all of our extensions in FULL versions!
  • Try to browse through Main Menu to explore examples from our extension.
  • Try to login in Frontend here to check out edit form of example articles to see how it works.
  • Try to login to Backend to check out how it works "under the hood".


In order to offer you always the best experience in checking out our extensions power, this site is being restarted every 60minutes.


This means that whole website content gets refreshed, so do not worry about trying to play with the content however you like.


Also feel free to ask to add some example into the demo content, if you would like to see it in action and check it by yourself, how it is done.

And after all if something on your site will not work as presented here, please submit a ticket and it will be checked.


Please, do not hesitate and go ahead, it is here for you ;)


Even if there are some limitations of this Demo site (not being available to access Modules and Plugins directly in Administration to play with them), this Demo site will surely provide you a lot of user experience with our extensions functionality. For further informations please try check documentation on our site or contact us directly .